Plenary Keynote: 30 for 30: Leadership and Legacy

In this enlightening keynote address, James will delve into a personal journey spanning six decades, inviting us to explore the profound impact of one’s history on the development of their leadership journey and lasting legacy. Drawing upon the canvas of his first 30 years, James will unravel the intricate threads through which these formative years left a significant mark on his leadership approach, choices, and the ensuing 30 years of his influence.

Key takeaways for attendees: This presentation will unravel the essence of what truly compels us to step up and lead. You’ll be left with understanding the intrinsic value of our personal stories and why they are pivotal in shaping our leadership path. You’ll identify how our unique narratives deeply influence our actions, decisions, and the legacy we leave behind. Furthermore, this presentation will underscore the undeniable significance of our roles as leaders. Specifically, our collective responsibility in addressing the pressing socio-economic challenges faced by low-income children and families, with a special focus on the community in Massachusetts and on Cape Cod. By the end, attendees will be inspired to reflect on their own stories, the importance of their leadership roles, and the lasting legacy they wish to build for a better tomorrow.

  • James Morton, retired President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Boston
James Morton
James Morton

Join us on the first floor in the Grand Ballroom after you’ve checked in at registration to pick up your Philanthropy Day name badge. This session will immediately follow the Welcome announcements in the ballroom at 8:45 am!

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