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Dear Friend,

Like many nonprofits, Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands (PPCI) reimagined our reach and role in 2022. Philanthropy Day, our marquee event, was held in person this year for the first time in three years! Reunited, we also reignited a spark that no virtual gathering could ever achieve.

Thanks to friends like you, we are planning a full year ahead of in-person networking events and educational sessions. With an all-volunteer board of directors and one part-time employee, our commitment to engage you and the community in all things philanthropic remains strong.

In spite of financial challenges posed to our operations, we have found a way to continue to deliver exceptional year-round programming that fosters a more vibrant and philanthropic Cape and Islands. 

As an organization primarily focused on helping others to fundraise, PPCI respectfully requests that you consider a personal donation this year beyond a PPCI membership renewal. Your support will help us to close out the year strong while continuing to provide the engaging programming that you expect and deserve. And while Philanthropy Day on Cape Cod has resumed, we are not yet back on track with pre-COVID revenues to run our small nonprofit, that reaches big throughout the Cape and Islands.

If we have helped you, or a colleague or board member to grow from our programming and events, or if we have helped you to gain career insights or job leads from networking or other PPCI resources, please help us to continue to provide these opportunities for you and others, at a level possible for you.

Your support is crucial in planning for PPCI’s future. In the short and long term, we will continue to seek out and secure local and regional presenters for timely educational sessions that matter most to you. Together, we can help one another continue to grow. Thank you for your consideration.

With gratitude,

Christopher Ellis, President
Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands

2022 Philanthropy Day Committee
2022 Philanthropy Day Committee