Donate to Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands

Dear Friend,

I invite you to pause to reflect on our powerful but intimate community of philanthropy – and especially your own contributions to expanding our collaboration and connection.

We appreciate your tireless commitment to our shared Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands mission, and we salute your leadership in the charitable causes you serve. Last year, many of you supported our request to help achieve PPCI’s programming goals with an additional donation. Thank you for your gifts –we hope that you will renew and consider a donation to PPCI again this year.

To help us continue to grow, we encourage you to invite one enthusiastic friend or colleague to join PPCI. Our all-volunteer board of directors and members are supported by one part-time employee, yet we continue to serve our community through Philanthropy Day, networking events, and educational sessions. Collectively, our capacity to help others achieve their missions and raise funds is phenomenal.

You and the many ‘helpers’ in our corner of the world make life better for all of us – in health and human services, the arts, environmental causes, education, animal welfare, social services, equity and justice, and more. Thanks to you and your participation and support, we will continue to foster a more vibrant and philanthropic Cape and Islands. Together, we’ll build new bridges to connect and amplify all that is important and precious in our community.

PPCI is truly grateful for your support. We look forward to a year of celebrating collaboration, connection, and community with you.

With gratitude,

The Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands Board of Directors

2023 Philanthropy Day Committee
2023 Philanthropy Day Committee