CCYP Philanthropy Community Connect in Partnership with PPCI

CCYP’s first-ever Philanthropy & Community Connect will bring participants in PPCI’s Philanthropy Day conference and the CCYP community together at The West End for a networking reception from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm immediately following the conference on November 9th! Engage with Cape … Read More

Distinguished Service to Philanthropy Awards

Awardees exemplify the best of our caring and generous community. They support many different nonprofits, and they inspire others to do the same. Nonprofits are encouraged to collaborate on nominations for awardees who support multiple organizations and causes. Awards are … Read More

Plenary Session & Luncheon

From Challenges to Change: Building a Stronger Cape Cod All too often we focus solely on the challenges in our community, not on the solutions and the good work happening to counteract those challenges. Join two local leaders as they … Read More

Developing a Strong Case for Support

As fundraisers, we often feel there are too many nonprofits competing for too few funding dollars. Distinguishing your organization and being successful in the fundraising arena begins with a strong case for support. A good case for support is a … Read More

Successful Succession Planning

How to think about succession planning in these times of pandemic burnout, early (and late) retirements, generational and cultural differences, a very tough labor market, and worsening cost of living/housing and traffic challenges? How do you build it into your … Read More

Endowments: Build Financial Bedrock for Your Organization

The primary fiduciary responsibility of a board is to ensure the long-term health of an organization. Learn about the benefits of creating and building an endowment for your nonprofit. Rachael Aiken, Vice President, Senior Investment Officer, Cape Cod 5; Board … Read More

Marketing Partnerships in Philanthropy: Collaborating to Expand Impact

Building partnerships between nonprofit organizations and for-profit entities is a key marketing tactic. It improves an organization’s ability to reach wider audiences, expand bandwidth, and deliver programs more efficiently. Our 3 panelists will share their diverse backgrounds, expertise, and stories … Read More