Philanthropy Day Sessions

Power of Collaborating and Resource Sharing

Discover best practices for building and maximizing meaningful partnerships. Learn from two experienced nonprofit professionals and explore partnerships at different scales: large-scale region-specific partnering, medium-scale role-specific partnering, and small-scale one-off partnering. Gain insights into navigating challenges, overcoming resistance to change, … Read More

Distinguished Service to Philanthropy Awards Luncheon

Awardees exemplify the best of our caring and generous community. They support many different nonprofits, and they inspire others to do the same. Nonprofits are encouraged to collaborate on nominations for awardees who support multiple organizations and causes. Awards are … Read More

Plenary Session: James Morton

30 to 30 This year we are excited to announce that our Keynote Speaker is James Morton, retired President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Boston. With a wealth of leadership experience and a captivating personal journey, Morton will … Read More