Deputy Director: Payomet Performing Arts Center – Filled

This position is no longer available and was removed by request on February 7, 2022.

Payomet Performing Arts Center seeks a dedicated and detail-oriented Deputy Director who will hold a key leadership role in this progressive performing arts organization. Payomet plays a pivotal role in regional cultural programming, organizing, and dialogue. The successful candidate will have strategic planning and financial management experience.

About Payomet Performing Arts Center

Payomet Performing Arts Center is a volunteer driven, non-profit performing arts organization located at Highlands Center in North Truro, MA. We are committed to gradual and sustainable growth in order to remain true to our core mission: to produce exciting professional live music, theatre, circus arts, and humanities events rooted in strong social values. Our artistic decisions are informed by the eclectic tastes of our outer Cape audience. We describe Payomet programming as “outside the box and inside the community.”